Me on the Telly

ITV’s West Country Tonight ran a series on people who do ‘different’ types of jobs. Rebecca Broxton called me to ask if she could come down and ‘ have a go’ at walling and who was I to refuse? So we set a date and met up one Wednesday morning in February. Apparently dry stone walling is a different type of job, I can’t see why. My Dad does it, my Uncle Cyril and my great grandfather did it. Even my brother does it in his spare time. Add to that all the people I have met over the years and up at the quarry, I am not too sure how odd it actually is? Tim and Rebecca spent hours with me, over half a day filming. By the end of it, I think they said they had 40 minutes of footage. This would be edited down to 3.5 mins, there wont be much of me in it so I thought I would take this time to thank everybody here that helps me on a regular basis. First of all to Edelgard who puts up with a lot, I could not do it without you. Then Dad who has taught me how to drystone wall, I would not be here today without him in more ways than one. Phil, thanks for giving up your holidays to come walling with me. Friends, neighbours, family. I doubt if any of this made it ‘to air’ so I hope you don’t mind me writing it here.


Last Winter is was time again to hold the tummy in as much as possible and put on my best BBC voice.